Strategy step-by-step

Define the first position you want your product to take. Think about how to take it from there.


Strategy will give you the guiding star for all your marketing efforts.

Without any strategy, you're just "winging it". In that case, every time you return from building to marketing, you might ask yourself: "What the heck did I want to talk about, and to whom?". Your positioning will be pretty random, and your messaging becomes fuzzy.

So let's stop it and get that sorted.

Get started: Define the first position for your product

Leave your desk, get something hot to drink, sit down with pen and a bunch of sticky notes on your couch, and jot down some notes about the first "position" you want your product to be in.

When I started 2Quiet2Market, my first position was "a SaaS tool that helps introverted solopreneurs to get structure into their marketing".

I had already seen that structure alone wouldn't cut it, but that was the first position I needed to take.

The next positions I found were these:

  • helps solopreneurs to compose their marketing stories
  • helps solopreneurs to turn stories into experiments
  • helps them put experiments onto their daily to-do list

And finally, after 4 months of building and marketing, I discovered 👀 one position that could rule them all:

2Quiet2Market as a tool that helps solopreneurs build a healthy marketing habit, even if they dislike marketing.

Do the same for your own product: In what light do you want it to appear, in your audience's minds? Write down a phrase that expresses the first position, then make your audience learn that phrase by heart!

Got your positions as sticky notes? Then go ahead!

Now, in Positioning, you will work out the details of your first position. That will teach you a lot, I promise!

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