Messaging tells stories about your customer's progress

Your future customers should know that your product is awesome.

Once you clearly positioned your product (at least in your own mind), it's now time to write stories.

Stories that engage your future customer in a journey from their current state to their desired future state, a.k.a. towards the "a better version of themselves" or "the transformation". So let's get started.

I take the popular StoryBrand framework format as an example here:

A persona with a problem

Write down a few words that describe your target persona, i.e. the future customer you would like to serve and the problem they face in their current situation.

Think about what they are trying to achieve and paint a clear picture of their current situation, the situation they want to be in, and the (possibly painful) difference between the two.

They meet a guide

Your will be their guide, with your product in hand. It acts as the "magic wand" that enables your future customer to help themselves.

Using empathy, write about how well you understand their situation. You've possible been where they are today, and you know how they feel about it. So write down a few sentences about their pain, so they go "Yes! Exactly! I feel heard!".

Using authority, write about why you are the guide, and what makes you qualified to help them go from pain to paradise.

The guide gives them a plan

By using your product, they will have a plan in hand. Write down a kind of step-by-step recipe how they are supposed to start and use it.

A good format is WHY-WHAT-HOW-NOW:

  • Sense: Why shall I use this product or this advice?
  • Structure: What's in it? What can it do for me?
  • Instructions: How do I use it, step by step?
  • Way forward: What if I start today? Where will I get, and how long will it take me?

Be convincing. Choose a voice that sounds full of confidence and authority here. Remember: Customers want guidance, not fluff!

A plan that calls them to action

Write the last step of the plan as a typical "call to action". Tell your future customer what they should do right now (not in the future, it's about the present moment). Tell them why it's a good idea to act now, instead of suffering any longer under the problem they have.

The action leads to success

Using copy and possibly a few images, paint a clear picture of what life will look like when they follow your plan and use your product. It is important that they know what paradise they can expect and what their reward will be. Is it...

  • less pain
  • more status
  • money gained
  • costs reduced
  • time saved
  • feelings of joy and other emotions?

That were just a few ideas. Choose your own adventure here!

Channels and formats

Prepare to write for different channels, in different formats. Examples:

  • Short tweets on Twitter
  • Long form content for your blog, newsletter, Reddit or LinkedIn
  • Medium length for your landing page

The sky is the limit here, feel free to use your imagination.

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