What is a Tag?

A bookmark is a URL that points to a Channel, Material, Place, or Tool. A Tag is a small piece of text that represents such a category for bookmarks.

One bookmark can have many tags. One tag can group many bookmarks.

The 4 standard tags mentioned above need not be the only ones in your marketing system.

You can define your own tags, e.g. an "Influencer" if you're doing influencer marketing, or a "Watering Hole", as a name for places on the web where you watched your audience hang out and discuss their problems.

Why would you use tags?

Once you're into marketing, you will quickly accumulate all kinds of bookmarks that point to marketing stuff: your stuff, your competitor's stuff, etc.

It's important to keep those bookmarks organized, otherwise the large number of them will confuse you and slow your marketing down.

How to create a Tag (e.g. "Influencer")

  • Click on the menu "Tags".
  • Enter "Influencer" (upper case) in the field "Name".
  • Enter "influencer" (lower case) in the field "Slug".
  • Click on "Add tag".

Do this with all standard tags, like Channel, Material, Place, and Tool.

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