What is a Material (in digital marketing)?

Digital marketing materials are the things you need to deliver your stories to your audience via digital marketing.

Examples include:

  • pieces of copy
  • images
  • logos
  • video snippets
  • audio snippets
  • samples of your work
  • lead magnets (e.g. a free eBook)
  • and many more.

What is a Material (here in 2Quiet2Market)?

Here in 2Quiet2Market, you bookmark the places on the web where you put your marketing materials. Do you get images from Okay, then set a bookmark for and tag it as "Material".

What if there is no tag named "Material"?

  • Click on the menu "Tags".
  • Enter "Material" (upper case) in the field "Name".
  • Enter "material" (lower case) in the field "Slug".
  • Click on "Add tag".

Do this with all standard tags, like Channel, Material, Place, and Tool.

Add your own tags as you see fit, e.g. "Watering Hole" to designate a place where your audience discusses their urgent problems.

You will need those tags to tag your bookmarks. You will need the bookmarks in your marketing experiments.

How to bookmark a Material

Go to the "Bookmarks" menu and click on "Create Bookmark".

  • Give the bookmark a name and a description.
  • Give it a URL, i.e. the web address where to find the resource you are pointing to.
  • Check "Material" and, optionally, more tags to categorize the bookmark.

Example for a Material:

  • Name = Depositphotos
  • Description = Stock photo site
  • URL =
  • Tags = Material

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