Positioning sets the stage for your product

Your future customers should know that your product is awesome.

Overview Diagram

The initial positioning of your product is important. It allows your customers to understand the value that your product provides to them.

Therefore, any marketer who wants to tell stories, must have positioning in place, just as a rocket needs a launchpad before it can launch.

Clearly Define Your Marketing Using a Positioning diagram

Positioning is the art of making your product appear as totally awesome. A positioning diagram lets you break down this huge task into small, manageable steps, with building blocks like

  • persona
  • product
  • feature
  • quality
  • benefit
  • job-to-be-done, and
  • story

Even when you're a maker or creator who is not deeply into marketing, the positioning diagram, with its predefined building blocks, helps you to bring clarity into what you're trying to convey to your prospects:

  • Who is it for? (persona)
  • What is it? (product and features)
  • How does it help? (story about jobs-to-be-done and benefits)

Make your customers understand your product's value

When you want to get the word out about your product or service, use our huge time saver: Positioning diagram. Instead of spending hours defining what it is that makes your product awesome, you compose the value statement directly from predefined and easy-to-use building blocks, like product, feature, benefit and story.

All via drag-and-drop, no big deal.

Learn more about how positioning works, step by step.

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