What is a Role?

A role is the function assumed by a user when another user has shared a Resource with them, e.g. a Project or a Board. When they accept the invite to the shared resource, they assume the role that the sender of the invite has given to them.

The inviting user decides which role the invited user shall get. The role defines the permissions that the invitee gets:

RoleWhat a user in that role can do
ViewerSee the resource and what's inside it
EditorSee and change the resource and what's inside it, and share it with other users
OwnerSee, change, share and delete the resource and what's inside it

Why would you think about a Role?

It's much more fun if you work on your marketing together with someone who keeps you accountable and gives you feedback. So, send them an invitation link, so they get access to a project or board of yours.

While creating that link, it is important that you think about how much access you want them to give. Shall they be able to "just have a look", or do you trust them enough to let them make changes to your resource?

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