What is a Board?

A board is a diagram for the mental marketing model that you need to market a product.

A board shows the product, its features, the benefits of those features, the stories that talk about those benefits to achieve a transformation for your customer, and more.

Why would you use a Board?

First, it's easier to position your product when you can break positioning down into basic building blocks.

Then, you can connect all those building blocks with slightly curved lines. Each one of those connections can carry marketing micro-copy from which you can compose larger copy for an entire story. 2Quiet2Market does that for you, if you tell it where to include copy, using Merge Tags.

How to create a Board

  • Click on the menu "Projects".
  • Open the project to which you want to add another board.
  • Switch to the tab "Boards".
  • Click on "Create Board".
  • Enter a board name in the field "Name".
  • Enter a short description in the field "Description".
  • Click on "Add Board".

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