You've created some initial positioning or messaging. Now invite a friend to have a look at your project or board and give you feedback.

Feedback makes us do better

Writers, musicians, software developers and other creative people know this: As humans, we don't create perfect things alone. There is always another human who can give us an idea about how to improve what we made.

Invite someone to give you feedback or even work with you

That's why you can send an invitation to another user in 2Quiet2Market to have a look at your marketing work. When they get your invite, they click on a link that you sent them, and BOOM: They are able to see what you did – or even edit it (if you trust them so much that you allow them to do that).

Click-thru demo: How to share a board with a friend

Control how much they can see

So what would you invite your friends to? 2Quiet2Market allows you to invite them to see one of two things at first (we call them resources):

  • one of your projects
  • one of your boards

If you invite a friend to a project, they can see all boards in that project, and all the things on the surface of those boards.

If you invite them to a board, they can only see what's on that particular board, not on the other boards and projects you might also have.

So the first thing you should decide is: How much do I want my friend to see?

Control what they can do

Before you send an invitation to another user, you need to choose which role they will play on your resource, once they are logged in and click on the invite link they got from you.

Shall they be...

  • a viewer (who can only see things)?
  • or an editor (who can also change things)?

You decide, because you are the owner of your resources (oh by the way: an "owner" is also a role in 2Quiet2Market). The role defines the superpowers that you want them to get: 😄

RoleWhat a user in that role can do
ViewerSee the resource and what's inside it
EditorSee and change the resource and what's inside it, and share it with other users
OwnerSee, change, share and delete the resource and what's inside it

As you see, the owner is the most powerful one, the editor is also quite powerful, but the viewer can do no harm (except they see what you did, of course).

Remember, a resource is a project or a board (at least for now).

Review your roles and change your mind

Of course, as the owner or editor of a resource, you can always decide about whether the other people you invited should continue to have those roles, or if you want to remove them.

There is a special page in 2Quiet2Market (called Collaboration) where you see all of your roles and can remove them if you wish. They include your own roles and the roles you gave to others.

As the one who has been invited, you can always remove your own roles. So if someone invited you to be a viewer, you can quit and remove that role again. There is no cage here. :-)

Learn more about how collaboration works, step by step.

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