Merge Tag

What is a Merge Tag?

Each box in a positioning diagram can have connections to other boxes. Every such connection can carry marketing copy from one box to the next.

Inside those pieces of marketing copy, there can be so-called "merge tags". They insert copy that comes from an input connection, i.e. from a connected box that is further to the left than the one you have selected.

A merge tag looks like this:


If this were inside the marketing copy that describes a feature, this merge tag would actually insert the name of the product to which the feature is connected.

(For the tech people here: The language being used is known as Mustache).

How to use a Merge Tag

  1. Click on a box that has incoming and outgoing connections.
  2. 2Quiet2Market opens an editor for each outgoing connection of the selected box.
  3. On the left of that editor, there is a list of incoming connections with their names and associated copy.
  4. Write two opening braces {{ into the copy text and choose a name of one of those incoming connections that you see on the left.
  5. The editor offers you to choose which input connection you mean to copy from.
  6. The editor allows you to choose whether you only want to insert the title of the box on the other side, or the entire copy you wrote into the incoming connection. Choose "name" or "text", depending on what you want.

This sounds more complicated than it actually is. Watch the demo video in the next section to see how it works.

Demo video: How Merge Tags actually work

This little explainer video shows you how to use those merge tags, step by step:

Using these merge tags, you can focus on one piece of copy at a time, and still compose long stories that you'll tell to your customers.

Perfect strategy for introverts. 😄

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