What is a Bookmark?

A bookmark is a URL that points to some place on the web. You will know those bookmarks from your web browser, maybe also known as a "favourite".

In a browser, you use bookmarks to remember websites that you want to visit again.

Here in 2Quiet2Market, they play the same role but in a more concrete sense:

Bookmarks point to resources that you need while running a marketing experiment, things like:

  • marketing channels (like landing page, email, videos, tweets, etc.)
  • marketing material (images, fonts, ...)
  • places (where to get or put things)
  • tools (text editor, social media management, AI tools, etc.)

How to create a Bookmark

Go to the "Bookmarks" menu and click on "Create Bookmark".

  • Give the bookmark a name and a description.
  • Give it a URL, i.e. the web address where to find the resource you are pointing to.
  • Check one or more tags to categorize the bookmark.

If the list of possible tags is empty (no checkboxes there?), then you need to create some tags, first.

Example for a Bookmark:

  • Name = Reddit
  • Description = Social network
  • URL =
  • Tags = Channel

This interactive demo shows you how to get your bookmarks ready for marketing experiments:

Click-thru demo: Prepare bookmarks for marketing experiments

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