Introverts like you do marketing like this.

2Quiet2Market is a software that helps Solopreneurs and Creators develop a sustainable marketing habit. Get structure and support from step-by-step recipes for marketing, while you build. Stop feeling like "I have to..." and make your product shine!

Breaking down marketing into easy steps.

Save time positioning your product and keep telling stories that make your audience say "oh, that's awesome!".

Make it totally obvious why your product is desirable. Break its awesomeness down into paint-by-numbers-style building blocks: Jobs-to-be-done, Features, Qualities and Benefits.

Simplify your weekly marketing.

At the moment, you still prefer building over marketing, right? Yeah, we know ... Been there, done that!


Pick up where you left off. Resume your marketing efforts easily.

As a solopreneur or creator, you have to switch between building and marketing. 2Q2M shows you exactly what you were up to with your marketing.


Save time using proven playbooks from famous marketers.

From positioning to messaging and experiments – let our playbooks help you create a context and a story that make your stuff appear totally awesome.

Go fearless

Show up consistently and tell the story people need to believe.

With marketing, you’re doing people a favor: You help them make the change they always wanted to make but couldn’t. Let 2Quiet2Market help you with that.

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They were amazed what happens when marketing software is built exactly towards an introverted person's needs. 2Quiet2Market is for you if marketing doesn't come naturally to you.

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