Experimentation step-by-step

How to prepare for frequent marketing experiments to get more customers and engage them.


You've nailed your positioning and crafted captivating stories - now it's time to launch into action with your first marketing experiment.

But don't stop there! Consistent experimentation is key to unlocking success. I know from experience that it can be easy to get sidetracked and fall back into old habits.

So, let's make experimentation a seamless part of your routine by minimizing obstacles and turning it into a habit.

Get started: Bookmark everything you need

Experimentation in marketing is about igniting your imagination and captivating your audience with your story.

By utilizing a multitude of channels, you have the power to reach your future customers in innovative and engaging ways. Whether through a blog, email, social media, or beyond, the possibilities for connecting with your audience are endless.

To send a story to your future customers, you will use not only text but other material like images, maybe audios or videos, whatever you think will activate them the most.

In order to create and send all this material, you will use powerful tools like Blogstatic, ConvertKit, ThreadStart, and more.

You'll also likely visit some online "places" where your audience hangs out (for my product, these are ProductHunt and IndieHackers).

Do you see a recurring pattern here?

You visit places to get inspiration about your customer's problems. Then you take a story, illustrate it with some material using tools, and then send it out via some channel.

Yes, for every marketing experiment, you will need to remember these things here:

  • channels
  • material
  • tools
  • places

What if you could use bookmarks to remember where all these interesting things are that you need every time you do your marketing?

That's exactly what you should do. Create your Tags and Bookmarks only once, then proceed to design your next experiment.

Designing a marketing experiment

Now you're well-prepared to configure your next marketing experiment. Remember:

A marketing experiment is a story, told on a channel that reaches your audience, using material and tools, after getting inspiration from listening to your audience who gathers in certain places.

So, go to the Story you have written. It is on some marketing board inside a project you created. Open that board and double-click on the icon inside the story box. You will see one or more pieces of copy that you can turn into an experiment.

There is a menu "Use this copy". Choose "Use this in a new experiment" from that menu.

Then, re-use your channels, tools, material, and places and link your new experiment to those.

Finally write a short recipe that shows how you will run your experiment, step by step.

Learn more about how to create and run Experiments.

Got your experiments laid out? Cool! Now run them weekly.

You almost got it: You're ready to turn all this into a marketing habit!

2Quiet2Market has an integration with the Todoist task manager. You can turn an experiment into a main task with several subtasks in Todoist, automatically.

This will make sure that marketing tasks become part of your daily todos – the easiest way to make a habit and become consistent and successful in marketing.

Congratulations! Here's to your success in Marketing! 🚀🎉

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