What is a Resource?

A resource is something that one user might want to share with another user. Currently, the only resources are Projects and Boards.

Why would you share a Resource?

It's much more fun if you work on your marketing together with someone who keeps you accountable and gives you feedback. So, send them an invitation link, so they get access to a project or board of yours.

How to share a Resource

  • Goto the project or board, i.e. the resource you want to share
  • Click on its own 3-dot menu and choose Share
  • Choose whether the other user shall become a viewer or editor on your resource
  • Choose Copy board link to get a link that you can paste into any communication medium you like (text message, Signal, Twitter DM, whatever)
  • Click on Share via Email to automatically open your local email system and prepare an email that already contains that link. The email will not yet be sent because you likely want to add some friendly words, right? 😄

You can learn more about sharing and collaboration here.

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