Strategy allows you to define the set of positions into which you will place your product.

Overview Diagram
The SPME habit and feedback loop

April Dunford inspired me to think this way about marketing strategy.

Strategy defines:

  • The way towards your first position
  • The way from one position to the next
  • Like a staircase, up and to the right
Strategy finds position after position.
Strategy finds position after position.

A position is a context, an environment. You want your product to appear in that context, in a certain "light that's shining on it".

In that context, in that light, your product appears as a totally awesome and desirable solution to a particular set of problems.

Problems that your audience is experiencing. Or jobs that they need to get done.

Strategy is the art of finding out

  • what those positions for your product could be
  • and more importantly, what they should be.

Especially, what the first position should be, and into which other positions you want to place your product later.

Learn more about how strategy works, step by step.

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