What is a Channel (in digital marketing)?

Digital marketing is the use of any internet-based technology to help sell a product or service. Digital marketers use various digital methods to reach people through digital channels, including search engine optimization (SEO), email, social networks, affiliate marketing, and more.

Digital marketing channels are methods of delivery of your marketing stories. If you need to get the word out about a new product, you might choose one or several channels to deliver the message. Some common digital marketing channels include social media, video marketing, and influencer marketing.

What is a Channel (here in 2Quiet2Market)?

Here in 2Quiet2Market, you bookmark the places on the web where you have seen your possible customers. Did you see them on Twitter? Okay, then you create a bookmark for and tag it as "Channel". Did you see them on Reddit? Okay, then bookmark Reddit and tag it as a channel, too.

What if there is no tag named "Channel"?

  • Click on the menu "Tags".
  • Enter "Channel" (upper case) in the field "Name".
  • Enter "channel" (lower case) in the field "Slug".
  • Click on "Add tag".

Do this with all standard tags, like Channel, Material, Place, and Tool.

Add your own tags as you see fit, e.g. "Watering Hole" to designate a place where your audience discusses their urgent problems.

You will need those tags to tag your bookmarks. You will need the bookmarks in your marketing experiments.

How to bookmark a Channel

Go to the "Bookmarks" menu and click on "Create Bookmark".

  • Give the bookmark a name and a description.
  • Give it a URL, i.e. the web address where to find the resource you are pointing to.
  • Check "Channel" and, optionally, more tags to categorize the bookmark.

Example for a Channel:

  • Name = Reddit
  • Description = Social network
  • URL =
  • Tags = Channel

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