Building a marketing software for introverts: Week 3

100 people are now following this adventure. What happened, what progress did I make, and what's coming in the next 10 days?


Hey all,

this is Matthias again with a quick status update about 2Quiet2Market, the new marketing software for introverts.

Yesterday and today, something fantastic has happened: 100 people joined this waitlist! So many introverted solopreneurs, writers, musicians, etc. are in the world who need to market their products or services.

That's amazing, thanks to you all for joining me in this endeavour. You give me the confidence to go on! Please tell all your friends who need this, too!

What happened

On September 9, I registered the Internet domain, so it is officially 3.5 weeks since the project started. This is what I did since then:

  • Created a landing page in Carrd
  • Filmed the demo video and edited it in DaVinci Resolve
  • Developed a graphical editor that introverts will use to break down the huge marketing task into manageable pieces
  • Connected the editor to a database so that your marketing plans can be created, edited, saved and reloaded
  • Introduced two new features: projects and boards
  • Wrote a Twitter login function so you can sign up and login with Twitter

Making Progress

A marketing project consists of boards that contain diagrams (see the demo video to know how the marketing diagrams work)

A "project" is a marketing project. You will want to create it if you have a product or service that you want to sell.

A "board" is a diagram that shows your marketing plan, i.e. the way from your product (via its features, qualities and benefits) towards the story you want to tell to your future customers.

A board contains a diagram, and as of today, the diagram is now safely stored in the database. Upcoming Feature (next 10 days or so)

The next feature that I want to build is a copy-text editor. Each element in the marketing plan can carry copy:

  • a feature can have copy that says what it does
  • a benefit can have copy that says why it's so valuable to the user/customer
  • a story can include copy from different sources (features, benefits, jobs to be done, etc.) to form a coherent narrative that makes the product look awesome for customers

At the end of the week, you want to have something to tell to your fans, right? The copy-text editor will help you publish good marketing messages, each and every week – not by writing more copy but by combining and re-using existing copy in new ways!

This is what introverts need (who don't like to repeat themselves).

Goal for the Alpha Release

The goal for the first alpha release is that an introvert marketer like you can do the following things:

  • sign up and log in
  • create a project with a board
  • "position" your product or service, i.e. create a context for it that makes it appear totally awesome and desirable for your customers
  • generate enough copy to put it on a landing page, into a blog post, or a Twitter thread

Tell me about your marketing pains

To do this, I need your feedback. Today, I have one question for you (please reply to this email):

  • What are some points that you're struggling with when it comes to marketing for your product or service? Tell me about things that were painful, the last time you had to work on your marketing. I'm all ears and will support you with my new software!

This is an exciting journey. I am so curious what you'll have to say!

Have a good time, stay healthy...


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