90 days of innovation: The new features in spring 2023

A lot has happened from March to May this year. I thought, I should write a kind of investor update to y'all, because you've invested your time or money into 2Quiet2Market.


Three new exciting features in 90 days
Three new exciting features in 90 days

So you're the first ones to hear about the new features and the benefits you get from them.

From Free Trial to a truly Free Plan

2Quiet2Market had a 14-day free trial, but not anymore!

My dear users said that 2 weeks was too little time to get acquainted with the rules of the game so that they can decide whether "it's for them" or not.

And yes, I had to realize: Going through positioning, messaging, and marketing experimentation is a lot! Too much for 2 weeks, especially when you do it part-time.

I went back to the drawing board and thought: "Can I offer a truly free plan? Is that possible, and would it make sense?"

This is what I found: A Freemium model would not only be possible, but it would enable new features that help with the growth of 2Quiet2Market (more on this in the next section about the new sharing feature).

So I decided to create three new pricing plans:

  • Free (most of the features, limited to 1 project with 2 boards)
  • Pro (unlimited projects and boards, plus Todoist integration)
  • Advanced (everything as in Pro, plus an AI writing assistant)

By moving the payment processing from "bare Stripe" to Lemon Squeezy, I made it possible for you to pay monthly, yearly, or with a one-time fee – whatever you prefer. It's your choice now.

Tell me what you think of this, I'd love to get your feedback!

Share your marketing with other people

This is a really helpful feature when you'd like to have a second pair of eyes have a look on your marketing. You can share a single board or an entire project with a friend or coworker. They will get the right to see what you created, or even change it, depending on how much power you grant to them.

Click-thru demo: How to share a board with a friend

There are different roles involved here:

  • You are the Owner of what you create
  • Viewers are people who can view what you created
  • Editors can change and re-share what you created

This plays nicely with the new Freemium model (see previous section). Viewers are free, editors need one of the paid plans. So if you want to show your marketing to your friends, they need not pay a dime.

Making someone an editor on your project is interesting for co-founders or small teams as well. One person creates the project and becomes the owner. She invites the others as editors on the project, so they can work on the marketing stuff as a team.

If you're an editor on project, you can even create or delete boards inside it, and you can create, edit, and delete the elements on the boards.

There is still one limitation, though: Don't edit the same board with 2 people at the same time. You will possibly overwrite each other's work! Collaborative editing is a future feature, it's not yet implemented.

See the user docs about Collaboration to learn more about how all this works.

Success Tracking with Analytics and a Journal

As you know, 2Quiet2Market is a habit building tool to help you build your own marketing habit.

Nir Eyal published a book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, which became a Wall Street Journal best seller. In that book, he says that in order to build a habit, you need a looping cycle that consists of

  • a trigger
  • an action
  • a variable reward
  • and continued investment.

In our case here, the trigger usually is the calendar reminder that pops up on your screen and says: "It's time for your weekly marketing hour."

The action should be "Open 2Quiet2Market, get the list of experiments in your current project, and execute the next experiment that you designed before."

The variable reward will be more traffic, better conversion, more retention, or more revenue from your product.

Continued investment should then be "Learn from the reward, design the next marketing experiment(s), or modify positioning and messaging whenever necessary."

In Spring of 2023, I discovered that the reward in marketing is often not visible enough, or it comes with too much delay. I decided to create a new feature to solve this: Success Tracking.

Click-thru demo: How to track your marketing success

Success Tracking consists of two things:

  • access to analytics data
  • entries in a project journal

2Quiet2Market now has an integration with Google Analytics 4 and with Plausible Analytics. You can connect it, and it will read your analytics data from those systems. Then, it will display the traffic on your sites in a chart.

What's special about that chart is that it contains markers for entries in your project journal.

You can make an entry into the journal of your project whenever you do something important in your marketing. Typical cases for this a running marketing experiments like "Publish a post on Reddit" or "Launch on Product Hunt".

A journal entry has a date, a title, and a description. 2Quiet2Market displays the title on a vertical line, positioned at the correct place on the date axis, so that you can clearly see "oh, traffic went way up after the Product Hunt Launch!"

Success Tracking means you are able to correlate your marketing efforts with the result, e.g. increased number of visitors on your website.

That's the only metric for now, but there will be way more. You will be able to add more data via webhooks or Zapier integrations so that you can track conversions, sales or user activation in your SaaS, all the same way via markers in diagrams.

Nice rewards for the time you spend marketing and building, right?

Your chance to Make Money with the new Affiliate Program

Freemium, Sharing, and Success Tracking are three new and exciting features. Do you have friends who could benefit from 2Quiet2Market's power? Then you can even make money if you recommend 2Quiet2Market to them!

Sign up as an affiliate, send a referral link to your friends and have them sign up. When they buy a paid plan, you will get 30% of the subscription fees, month after month or year after year. If they buy using a one-time payment, you'll get 30% of the one-time price as well. This can be as high as $293.70 for the most expensive one-time plan.

Here's where you can learn more and sign up as an affiliate: https://2quiet2market.lemonsqueezy.com/affiliates

That's it for today, I hope this was good news to you. See you next time! Matthias

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