Revamping my business model (daily snippet)

A community and a book are perfect companions for a SaaS. All three strengthen one another.


I will add a book and a community to my SaaS
I will add a book and a community to my SaaS

Today, I thought about ways to boost usage of my marketing software for introverts (2Quiet2Market).

Users often stop after creating diagrams and don't use features like Story Composer or Experiment Designer. It struck me that accountability might be an issue; currently, users perceive using these tools as optional rather than essential for their marketing needs.

I believe forming a community can solve this problem. If users help each other with marketing tasks within a community setting, they're likely to feel more involved and responsible for their work.

Another concern was that users aren't considering the workflow of their marketing, due to not reading the software's user documentation.

Al this made me consider Rob Fitzpatrick's approach with his Write Useful Books community and book (I devoured it yesterday and today).

If I created a similar book guiding readers on how to structure their marketing effectively, it could lead them towards understanding its workflow better. They would then join the community for increased accountability. They would apply what they learned and use my software much more effectively to help them with their marketing.

The book would have a one-time price, community and software would be bundled and have a monthly or yearly membership price.

The result? A helpful package consisting of a practically useful book, supportive community, and efficient software—similarly successful as Rob’s model! Today's reflections brought some valuable insights on improving user engagement and my entire business model moving forward.

What do you think about such a bundle vs. having the software alone? #buildinpublic

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