What a Reluctant Marketer can learn from a Pro Drummer – The Reluctant Marketer #6

Introverted solopreneurs, save time on your marketing, just like this professional drummer saves time on his exercise.


Hi, Matthias here again!

In this video, I've got a marketing tip for you (a good one if you've got other things to do besides marketing).

The tip I have helps you...

  • to get greater visibility for your product or service,
  • to reach more people with almost the same amount of writing as before

As a solopreneur who works alone, you need to spend your time wisely.

If you're anything like me, you love to create or build, but marketing isn't... well… let's say, it's not your "strongsuit".

So, you'll like to minimize extra time for your marketing, right? I get you!

In this video, I'll show you a way…

  • to write a story once
  • and distribute it on multiple channels
  • to reach your audience wherever they hangout

One key thing to achieve that is to separate story from channel. Write once, distribute on 5 different Marketing Channels.

Let's have a look at how a pro drummer like Rob Brown does something similar when he teaches new drummers how to play slick drum fills without spending hours of exercise on their drumkit.

Sticking vs. Orchestration

Rob made a YouTube video in which he shows how a real pro plays a drum fill with endless variations, by separating "sticking" from "orchestration".

"Sticking" means the beats you make and which hand you use, "orchestration" means which instruments in the drumkit you will hit.

Let's learn this directly from Rob. Watch the video from 01:47 to see Rob teach this important distinction:

When I use the word "fill", I'm not really talking specifically about any one "fill". All right. When we learn fills here, we're mainly learning the sticking. The sticking comes first, the fill is born out of the sticking because once you learn the sticking, you can do whatever you want with it. So the sticking for this first one is going to be "right left, left, right, left, left right left", and then what you're going to do is just play first of all the pattern on one source, you know how we get down here right? Learn first on the snare, okay, and then after that, we're going to add some elements to it.

You've seen and heard how Rob first makes sure that his brain plays the sticking "RLLRLLRL" almost automatically.

Now watch what Rob does next:

He uses the exact same sticking to go really creative and hit various instruments on his drum kit. Soooo cool! 😄

(Watch the video from 03:11 to see the sticking as part of a real groove).

Did you get that? Fantastic, huh?

First, you try and exercise everything on one "source", for example, the snare drum. Then you go 50% faster and use more and more instruments on your drum kit.

At first, it's hard. With more practice, you'll succeed.

Story vs. Channel

What can you learn as a reluctant marketer, from a pro drummer?

In this case, the "sticking" is your story: Write about a transformation towards the better that your customer or user experiences.

Examples could be: from pain to pleasure, from tedious work to automation, from boredom to creativity and productivity.

Then, your "orchestration" is the set of channels on which you tell your story, for example:

  • your blog
  • your newsletter on ConvertKit
  • your newsletter on Substack and on Medium
  • Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn

etc. etc. You name it! These channels are the drum kit on which you play your story.

Separate story from channels and distribution. Write the story once, then distribute and re-use on different channels.

How to distribute 1 story on 6 channels

Now, how does that work? This is what works for me:

Every weekend, when I publish my content, I write in in Markdown first, using Zettlr as a tool. This video here began as a script in Zettlr, too.

Then I publish it on 6-7 different channels:

  • on 2Quiet2Market.com/blog, as a new blog post
  • on ConvertKit, as a new issue inside a sequence
  • on Substack, by importing the RSS feed of my blog
  • on Medium, as a new article
  • on YouTube, as a video
  • on Transistor, as a podcast
  • on Twitter, as a thread.

Recently, I saw this reply on Twitter when someone suggested to use 2Quiet2Market, my tool that helps introverted solopreneurs with their marketing:

This is what happens when you re-use your original story on different channels. It costs you maybe 25% more time than if you post it to a single channel (except the YouTube video, the edit takes me a lot longer).

But the impact is several times greater! 🚀

Start drumming today!

If you want to make it easy for you, sign up for 2Quiet2Market and model your marketing, breaking it down into basic building blocks,

like … product, feature, benefit, story, and customer, for example.

This will help you get your story and your material together.

Take the story, let an AI spice it up (the AI is integrated in 2Quiet2Market as well), and distribute it on your favourite channels, e.g. your blog, newsletter, YouTube, social networks, and so on.

2Quiet2Market helps you design a marketing experiment that you can easily execute, step by step.

One week later, take the same story to different channels, or a different story to the same channels. People will be amazed, seeing your story pop up all over the place.

That's "orchestration" for your marketing.

Parting words

Thanks for checking out this video, hope it gives you new energy for marketing.

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Many thanks to Rob 'Beatdown' Brown, for his amazing video that inspired me to make this one. It's called 5 Slick & Easy Fills For 'Just OK' Drummers.

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