Creating a Marketing Model for – The Reluctant Marketer #5

Minh Pham is the creator of Three days ago, I offered to make a free marketing model for a fellow solopreneur. 72 people responded, and he won the draw.

Published: is a new business, built by Minh Pham. I created a free marketing model for them, explaining what that is and how people to whom marketing doesn't come naturally can use it to get their marketing sorted.

How come I created this model?

A few days earlier, I posted this tweet:

The next morning, when I looked, I saw that 72 people had answered with links to their landing pages. So I didn't know who would get the free marketing model and decided to make a draw.

Here you can see all solopreneurs who participated.

Minh Pham won the draw, with his programmatic SEO machine

What is a marketing model?

In essence, a marketing model is a mental model that helps you break down your marketing into simple building blocks:

  • Your product has features and qualities
  • These features and qualities have benefits
  • Tell a story in which a user gets a job done, while enjoying those benefits
  • Compose the copy for that story from smaller microcopy attached to the building blocks, and
  • Have an AI spice up the copy to make it interesting and convincing.

Do your marketing regularly, with a rhythm.

2Quiet2Market (see can help you build a healthy marketing habit, designed for people who have other things to do besides marketing.

In the video, I showed how to create such a marketing model, step by step, using's business as an example.

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