Integrating Software with a Community of Introverted Marketers (daily snippet) is not only software anymore, it now has an online community. Reluctant marketers can work on their understanding of marketing there, then use the software when they already know the "rules of the game".


In the community, we understand marketing before we use the software.
In the community, we understand marketing before we use the software.

Yesterday, I successfully integrated the 2Quiet2Market software with the online community platform for introverted marketers, at This is crucial because users often struggle to fully utilize the software. They create detailed product positioning diagrams but then stop and fail to realize that's only half the job.

Positioning your product, defining why it's awesome, yes this is important, but it sets up just one part of the marketing puzzle:

  • Once you've got your positioning right, you can craft stories.
  • Once you got the stories, you can run marketing experiments, telling the same story across different channels to see what works best.
  • Once you got the experiments running, you can measure their success.

Of course, I could work on the usability of my software, providing product tours, empty states, hints, and tips all the time. But that makes me mad!

The challenge lies in guiding users through the marketing process without overstepping. What if a chess program suggested every move in detail? "Now move the pawn like this, now move your queen like that" - that's counterproductive! The aim should be for my software to assist those who understand marketing rules.

Unfortunately, many are unfamiliar with these rules which makes the online community integration so valuable! Here, we can enhance our understanding of marketing together, and my upcoming book will further contribute towards this body of knowledge.

My goal is for users to know the rules how to play the game when they start using my software. The real change I'm trying to bring is more than just a tool – make it a regular habit-building platform where introverts consistently apply their marketing knowledge and grow their business.

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