Marketing book promotion tactic (daily snippet)

Matthias chooses to build an "attention engine" for his new book before he goes on to write more chapters for it.


Let's go "distribution first" with this!
Let's go 'distribution first' with this!

Before I proceed with my book "Marketing for Introverts", I'll create a growth and attention engine for it.

Each chapter will first be posted on my blog, then shared on Twitter, sent as a newsletter via Substack and via ConvertKit, published as an article on Medium, IndieHackers and ProductHunt, and also shared on Mastodon.

This gives me a total of 8 different ways to distribute the same chapter so that people can read it and give their feedback. By the time the book is ready for launch, many will already be familiar with its content through these samples.

To facilitate this process, I'm adding shareable icons at the end of each blog article. These icons create shareable links for 7 platforms, making it easy to share each new chapter once it is live on my blog.

Yay, let's do that now! 😄

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