Joining a Community of Authors, some Business Shifts (daily snippet)

Matthias joins the "Useful Authors" community to have a support group while he writes his book. And he needs to write some code to integrate the community software and his SaaS, to avoid dual logins.


Joining a community of authors feels great!
Joining a community of authors feels great!

This week, I joined the Useful Authors community led by Rob Fitzpatrick and his team, and it's been a great learning experience! We held an accountability meeting where authors at various stages of their writing process shared their progress. Some are just starting out like me, while others are already marketing finished books – totally amazing! Having role models at different phases on this journey is truly inspiring.

The recent change in my business model has shifted my focus today. The new strategy involves developing a book, building a community, and creating software which helps people implement the marketing process that I describe in the book.

A critical part of this change is ensuring identical user accounts for both the community and the software tool to avoid dual logins for people. Today's task will involve research and coding to achieve this integration, which can be technically challenging but not overly difficult, I think.

We'll see what's possible, today.

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