Revising Marketing Techniques for Introverts (daily snippet)

The table of contents for my new book "Marketing for Introverts" is done. Now there is an important verification step that I need to do before I go into writing mode, full-throttle.


Re-testing before doing anything serious!
Re-testing before doing anything serious!

I'm working on my book, "Marketing for Introverts". Yesterday, I completed the first draft of the table of contents which gives me a clear direction. Now, it's crucial to double-check all the methods I recommend for introverted marketers. I aim to provide reliable techniques that an introvert can confidently try and likely succeed with.

Just like when writing software where only 5% is truly original (by me) while 95% uses tested components from others - such as NPM libraries in JavaScript - these components are trustworthy but their combination might not be if untested. So too with my book; borrowed ideas work independently but will they function together in my proposed workflow?

So before proceeding further into writing my book, I need to ensure everything works well together by retesting every method within this combined system. This way, readers can trust that what they're implementing has been thoroughly checked and stands a good chance of success when executed correctly.

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