Three new features for introverted solopreneurs

Three new features have been added to 2Quiet2Market last week. Read how they help introverted solopreneurs with their marketing.


Screenshot of this week's new features
Screenshot of this week's new features

Hey all,

so excited that you continue to be interested in 2Quiet2Market, the totally new marketing software for introverted solopreneurs!

What happened since we last spoke?

Last week was “coding week” for me. (I switch between coding and marketing every 7 days now). So, I built three new features for you.

When I met some of you on Zoom last week, you gave me feedback, and I saw that the new software needed some love with these things:

  • It was a little difficult to navigate the positioning diagrams which help you break down your positioning into small, easily understandable elements.
  • The title of each one of the colourful elements you see in the positioning diagram above was too short.
  • There was no way for you to transfer the generated marketing copy into other systems (e.g. Twitter, ConvertKit, Webflow, etc.)
  • And: The colors in dark mode were a mixture of dark and bright, this looked quite messy.

You will be excited to hear about these new features that eliminate the problems above:

Mouse wheel navigation in positioning diagrams

You can now zoom and pan in your positioning diagrams, using your mouse wheel. This allows you to inspect crowded parts closely and zoom back to the overview level. You can also move around, scrolling up/down or left/right.

This is how it works:

  • Turn the mouse wheel: Picture scrolls up or down.
  • Hit Shift and turn the mouse wheel: Picture scrolls left or right.
  • Hit Cmd on the Mac (or Ctrl on Windows/Linux), and turn the mouse wheel: Picture will zoom in or out.

Now you can move around like a breeze while you work on your product’s features, their benefits, and the stories that you want to tell your customers.

Copy and paste the generated marketing copy into whatever tool you use

Look at the picture at the beginning of this email:

One pane inside the copy editor shows a preview of the generated marketing copy. Just above the “Preview” pane, there is now a “copy to clipboard” button. In a select box next to it, you can choose the desired format in which you want your copy to be written into the clipboard.

For example, Markdown is great when you paste to ConvertKit. They recognize it and copy it including bold, italics, and headline formatting. HTML is great when you want to paste your landing page copy into a design tool like Carrd or Webflow.

Multi-line titles in marketing elements

Every element in a positioning diagram now has a multi-line title. Before, the single line inside the small elements was sometimes not enough to write a meaningful title. That’s fixed now. The title now has four lines, and it even scrolls when you write more.

However, the title is not meant to be a large piece of text. It should sound like a short headline, then you can dive in deeply and more details when you add marketing copy inside the copy editor, later.

Dark mode is now fully supported

When you tell your operating system to use dark mode, this is recognized by 2Quiet2Market as well. We switch the user interface to dark colors which is better for your eyes when you work at low levels of light in your environment.

How was your week?

Was it coding/writing/making week, or was it marketing week for you? How does marketing work for you in general? Got your positioning set up, and your marketing copy written? Great!

Please tell me what you’re trying to achieve with 2Quiet2Market, I will use this feedback as a guide on what to add next.

Please don’t forget to become one of the first 20 people who will lock in the $5/month pricing for the lifetime of your subscription! As soon as 2Quiet2Market tells you that the free trial is over, buy a subscription for $5 and enjoy it forever!

Cheers… Matthias

P.S.: Next week is marketing week for me. I will use 2Quiet2Market to market itself, of course.

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