MVP features complete, now working on the November release

New demo video shows what will be released within 2 weeks.


Hey all,

this is Matthias again with another progress update about 2Quiet2Market, the new marketing software for introverts like solopreneurs, writers, musicians, and so on.

What happened

I decided to create 2Q2M because I believe that introverts deserve as much marketing success as extroverts, don’t you think so, too? So I analyzed what makes marketing difficult for someone who does not love marketing, and I came up with a solution that fits those people’s needs (and my own as well).

This is what I did since then:

  • Created a landing page in Carrd that connects to an email list in ConvertKit
  • Filmed and produced the first demo video
  • Developed a graphical editor that introverts will use to break down the huge marketing task into manageable pieces
  • Introduced projects and boards that help you organize your marketing efforts
  • Added sign up and login with Twitter
  • Added a special copywriting editor

Last Week’s Progress

A marketing project consists of boards that contain diagrams.

Each diagram shows a marketing plan, i.e. the way from your product (via its features, qualities and benefits) towards the story you want to tell to your future customers. Each one of those can carry marketing copy.

The new feature that I built this week are the merge tags. With those merge tags, every piece of marketing copy can include existing copy from earlier parts of the marketing plan diagram. Examples:

  • a feature can include copy attached to a product
  • a benefit can include copy that is attached to a feature
  • a story can include copy from different sources (features, benefits, jobs to be done, etc.) to form a coherent narrative that makes the product look awesome to customers

You see? You only write short pieces of copy, very focused on one thing at a time, and 2Q2M pulls all those pieces together to form a really good story, to spark joy and interest in your users and customers. You can generate different versions of that story, e.g. long form for a blog post or short snippets for a Twitter thread.

Here's the 2nd demo video (MVP)

See my new demo video that I created today! It shows you how all this works, now that the features in the MVP are complete:

Okay, so the MVP now has all the features that I planned for it. Time to go live, right?

Let's go LIVE within 2 weeks from now!

The goal for the November release is that an introvert marketer like you can do the following things:

  • sign up and log in
  • create a project with a board
  • “position” your product or service, i.e. create a context for it that makes it appear totally awesome and desirable for your customers
  • generate enough copy to put it on a landing page, into a blog post, or a Twitter thread

This means that I can now work on the home and pricing pages for the website, add Stripe payments, and deploy everything in the AWS cloud.

Please help me and share this with your friends

👉 To do more, I need your support. Please share the news about this project with a few friends! Forward this email to them, and Invite them to join the early adopter waitlist, too. They can sign up at

This is such an exciting journey because introverts deserve more success in marketing. I am so curious what you’ll have to say when it’s live!

Have a good time, stay healthy… Matthias

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