It's LIVE: The new marketing software for introverts!

Today, I deployed the software on the Internet, and you are one of the first to know that. Thank you so much for your patience on this waitlist!


LIVE! Screenshot of the new homepage
LIVE! Screenshot of the new homepage

Hey all,

this is Matthias again with another progress update about 2Quiet2Market, the new marketing software for introverts like solopreneurs, writers, musicians, and so on.

As introverted makers, software devs, writers, musicians, photographers and other creators – we all deserve to have as much marketing success as all the other people!

With a special software called “2Quiet2Market”, I am going to help us all get better at marketing, and make marketing a job that is easy enough to do so that we can all stop hating it.

It's LIVE and ready for you to start tinkering!

Today, I deployed the software on the Internet, and you are one of the first to know that. Thank you so much for your patience on this waitlist, today is the day to make it real.

Make 2Q2M work for you in 5 simple steps:

  • Surf to
  • Click on "Start a free trial"
  • Twitter will show up, so click "Authorize app"
  • Enter your email address and click "Save email"
  • Boom, you're in!

What you see is the Dashboard of 2Q2M. Currently, it shows a calendar so that you can book a FREE onboarding session with me. I have reserved special slots in my calendar 📅, to help you to set up 🚀 your marketing project easily.

Book a FREE onboarding session

In the onboarding session, we'll talk about your product, identify its strengths, and create a marketing project together that will show your customers that your stuff is simply awesome!

So, click on one of the white slots in the SavvyCal calendar and schedule a date that works well for you. You'll learn a ton so that you don't have to figure out everything for yourself.

Of course, I will learn a ton in that Zoom session, too, because I see you using 2Q2M and its possible bugs, so I can make it better afterwards and create real onboarding instructions for future users like you.

For the impatient

If you can't wait for the onboarding session and want to try it out right away then do this:

  • Click on "Projects"
  • Create a project of your own
  • Create a (marketing) board for your own product

just like I did it in my second demo video two weeks ago. Break your positioning down into elements like Feature, Benefit, Story, and Persona (using drag and drop from the menu on the right). Click on those elements to add marketing copy, and use merge tags to propagate the copy until it creates an entire story for you!

Click here to watch the demo video again.

If you have questions or run into problems, I'm happy to help via Twitter DM, or in your own FREE onboarding session.

How you can help others

Please support me on Twitter and other social platforms.

Tell all your friends that Matthias has indeed released and invite them to join the movement. (Oh yes, I think it will not only be software but a movement!)

Let’s all keep going! So excited to have you here and do something together!

Cheers, Matthias

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