Are you a reluctant marketer?

You don't really want to market your product but you feel you have to do this to be successful, right?

Matthias, founder of
Matthias, founder of

Hey all,

Matthias from 2Quiet2Market here.

As a busy solopreneur, it's all too easy to "forget" marketing. If you're anything like I was in 2022, you will likely procrastinate on marketing whenever you can.

However, building or creating something all day long won't allow other people to see what you do. They won't notice you, so you're doing them a disservice.

This is why I created The Reluctant Marketer, a newsletter with weekly marketing tips for solopreneurs who are busy doing other things than marketing.

Get started by downloading my FREE workbook that helps you set up the basics. Spend as little effort on marketing as possible, while still getting noticed by your future customers!

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